The Parish Council is a consultative body which assists the Parish Priest in the administration of the parish. In the years before the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), such advisory boards were known as “Parish Committees”. Since then, the Church has mandated such bodies in Her own law (Canon 295 – In the parish there are to be appropriate councils dealing with pastoral and economic matters, according to the norms of the particular law of its own Church “sui iuris”. Code Of Canons Of Oriental Churches) in order to foster greater unity and to share spiritual and human gifts of the entire parish community.

A full “Parish Committee” in Holy Eucharist Parish was formed in 1952 with Charles Gerak as its first chairperson.

Parish Council Chairperson: Orest Lyseiko

Vice Chairperson: Oleh Kalynovych

Treasurer: Polina Mullaeva

Recording Secretary: Natalia Legan

5th member: Victor Slupsky